Natural Health: A Simple Winter Protocol for Families

Every year during the winter months, my heart goes out to all the sick people, especially children.

☘ Then I wish I can convince the sick to use the very simple protocol my husband and I developed and refined during the years my own children grew up. It is in fact so simple that most discard the advice as rubbish and rather go straight for antibiotics and cortisone.

☘ First of all don’t be fearful of disease. It has always been part of our existence as earthly inhabitants. It is important to remember that we are born with a rather impressive defense system. Most of the uncomfortable symptoms we experience, like headaches, body pains, phlegm, fever are caused by our natural immune response. Instead of resisting it, we should thank it. And on top of being grateful also listen to our body telling us to go to bed and REST while it’s doing its job.

☘ Secondly we need to create an optimal environment for our defense system to fight and conquer. This is where we really go wrong. How comforting to feed the sick body all the yummy food the viruses and bacteria love and flourish on. Adults might instinctively know that they don’t feel like milky, sweet food, but they would very likely give it to their sick children because they feel sorry for them.

Not a good idea! Dairy produces extra phlegm! Sugar weakens the immune system! The trick is to go cold turkey on dairy, sugar, deep fried food and even wheat (all very inflammatory foods) the moment the throat feels scratchy or you start sneezing. Then you nip it in the butt before the flue gets a hold on you.

☘ Instead eat very clean (warm soup loaded with veggies, smoothies, lots of water with lemon, herbal teas) until you feel strong again. The body needs a variety of as much of the good vitamins and minerals it can get. The immune system needs those to fight for you.

☘ Supplement with vit C and zinc. There are also lovely immune boosters available. Ask at your health shop for advice. We always have our go-to’s in the cupboard.

☘ Ultimately, we should try to not get sick in the first place. That is where balance comes in: a balanced diet (no extremes), a balanced exercise regime (not excessive / not nothing (find something you enjoy)), a balanced sleeping pattern (remember the 8 hours as a base line), balanced social life (not a hermit / not a social butterfly), balanced stress levels (find something to counter the work stress) and please go outside! We need sun and green and fresh air for health and happiness.

☘ Become AWARE of your imbalances and take baby steps towards healthier choices!

Your immune system will gradually respond by growing into a deadly machine killing off its enemies effortlessly!

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